Photography by Celeste Joye 2014

Celeste Joye

A graduate of the International Center of Photography in New York City, my degree is both in fine art and documentary photography.  My 18 years of experience owning  a photography studio in New York City  gave me the opportunity to document an incredible variety of events and people.  My fine art series of Cityscapes showcases the beauty I found in the urban environment.  

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, I was struck by the motion of the water, sun and wind of the barrier island of the coast, an infinite world of images, shadows, and spirits.  I have taken my cameras into some of the oldest swamps and forests to shoot images of centuries old live oaks, which silently shiver with life.  My work focuses on the inherent tension between a static photographic print and the sensations of movement we perceive int the world.  I often swim deep into the ocean to capture the photos of waves, seas, oceans and dreams.